28 January 2010

Strips and quilling

I have cut some strips and stuck on brown cardstock. Done some quilling and stuck one embossed sticker.

Thank you for looking

19 January 2010

Dired flower

In this card i have stuck dried leaf and a dried flower.
Dried leaves and flowers are very delicate you can use plucker to pick it. apply very little glue the petals/leaves will get damaged.
Have a nice day :)

16 January 2010

This time copper scraper foil

This time i tried copper scraper foil. Copper looks elegant.

Thanks for looking!!

14 January 2010

Block print card

This is a block printed card. Have done some leaf stamping and used brown sequenced laced.

Have a nice day:)

11 January 2010

Applique work

The applique work is done on satin cloth and the fish is on pure silk cloth. The method used to make this fish is called salt technique.

Procedure for salt technique:
1. Take a piece of silk or satin cloth.
2. Apply water all over the cloth using flat brush.
3. Apply the silk color all over the wet cloth using the flat brush.
4. Put the salt all over the cloth.(The salt used is cubed salt and not the powdered salt).
5. Allow it to dry for some time.
6. After drying remove the salt and you can see the salt has left effect on the cloth.

Later sketch the design and finely cut the design and use fabric glue to stick the pieces on the satin cloth and used silver 3D outliner.

Thanks for stopping

05 January 2010

Leafy card

I have tried some stamping on the background, the dark blue border in middle is cut by hand. Then stuck one dried leaf and did some more stamping as there some place empty on the other side of the leaf.

02 January 2010

My first warli painting

This is my first warli painting. The painting is done on canvas cloth and the color used is dark blue. This painting i had seen in http://www.creativecraft.org site.