Pottery in Fun Friday

There are co-operate activities going on in my office in that one is fun-Friday which happens every last Friday of every month. Couple of months back i got chance to make pottery in fun-Friday.There I made these two pots on the electric wheel. I know they are a bit shapeless but it was good experience. After drying these pots i thought why not make them look good by decorating them.
The first pot one i liked it because the shape of the pot was simple and the pot was in good shape. Considering the shape i thought of making it pen stand. Firstly i colored the entire pot with brown color. Later i made some petals of modelling clay and kept it to dry completely (this clay doesn't require firing) and later applied color on it and glued it on the pot.

The second pot i made was a bit shapeless so to hide that i got an idea why not make it look more shapeless by applying a paste of ceramic powder and glue(white glue) on the entire pot.
After drying the pot i applied blue pearl metallic color of fevicyrl and stuck some round shaped sequence on it.