Stylish blogger award!!!

Hi everyone,

I received this stylish bog award from tejal.
Thanks tejal.

As per the rules,
I have to tell you 8 things about myself and tag more people.
1. I am kind of addicted to blogging, making cards, browsing and visiting all my fellow bloggers posts

2. I hate traveling to office coz of the traffic.

3. I like spending my time in very quite and peaceful place.

4. I love watching tv & english serials.

5. I love sweets prepared by my mom especially purn poli, ice cream, kheer and lots more..

6. I love the color blue and white.

7. I hate politics.

8. I love you girls commenting on my blog posts.

And I would like to tag these girls with this award.


Cheers & Hugs


Nisha said…
u deserve it bhavana...congrats
Deepa said…
Congrats dear stylish blogger :) and thanks for tagging me :)