My friend Somdatta started a new crazy venture called Tails Love Gifts Too. Its an online portal for pet gifting. Last year december when she first told me about this idea first thing that came to my mind is like who wants to give gifts for pets coz they wont understand it and also I m not a pet lover. Later on when we discussed and explored about it I really loved the idea and I was in for the challenge. 
The main USP of TLGT is gift packing and I was given the responsibility of designing the gift boxes. Initial few weeks went on deciding the size of the box, whether to use paper, cane, carton boxes, ribbon etc, etc...
Finally we came to conclusion to go for paper boxes and a couple of cane baskets. Since paper boxes are lighter in weight and would be good for shipping.
Koyal (Somdatta) and I started researching, browsing on the designs. I really want to thank Pinterest as it helped us consolidate our designs it's a house of inspiration.
 Each box is carefully designed considering the theme. You can see on TLGT website there are different themes and hats-off to koyal who has put so much of effort in forming the themes and what products need to go in each box. So now I had to really scratch my head while designing the boxes coz the box design should match the theme and the products going inside it.
So in coming few posts I will be sharing all the box designs n how I came with the idea.
You may have already seen the designs on Facebook page or TLGT site. But will be seeing it first time on my blog
This one is a Cat hamper- welcome home kitty.Can you see the small kitty prints on the pattern paper it has some small bunch of flower on it so on the top I have a flower which goes with it other supplies used are doily, cardstock, momento markers, dies.
 Box size: 91/2*51/2*4 inches
To know more about whats inside the box and also if you want buy the hamper go hop to TLGT site and welcome a kitty :)
Here is another Cat Hamper-Just go purrrr. This hamper has yummy treats for cats, the patterned paper had some bright colored cats in green and blue to match that have used bright green/blue strips and some red flowers have kept the lid quite simple for this box since the patterned paper is bright.
Box size: 71/2*51/2*4 inches
To buy the hamper go to TLGT site and treat your kitty :)