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HaPpY nEw YeAr To AlL oF u!!

Have wonderful year 2010!

lovely yellow flowers

These are lovely quilled flowers of different shape. There is small tag which is stuck to write a short message on it.

Enjoy watching the blog and comments are welcomed :)

Little card

Painting on cloth using paper

Birthday cards

In this card i have used the handmade paper and used punched flowers.

In this extra stuff used is the lace.
These cards are very easy and made quickly.
Enjoy the blog!!

Thread painting

I have used thread to make the vase and used flat brush to make the flowers in the vase.

Have a nice day!!!!

4 petals flower

Use flat brush to get the correct strokes. I have made this flowers on a card. We can also do this on cotton cloth.

Chinese lady

This painting is of a Chinese lady. For the yellow lace i have used the pearl color to give the shinning effect and all other color fabric colors.

Seasons Greeting

Wet stroke painting is used to make this tree and bounced the brush with sap green and lemon yellow for leaves.

Bamboo pen stand

This is paper mesh technique. I have rolled papers and stuck it on the tin, used m-seal to cover the upper and bottom surface, leaves are also made with m-seal, Pearl metallic color is used to paint this and glue and gloss is applied to give it a shining effect and make it last forever.

Horse painting

This is a painting on cotton fabric cloth. The colors used are burnt sinnea, vandyke brown,black,white. It is a combination of wet and dry strokes.
While doing any wet stroke painting use very little color and spread it on the cloth.

Colorful butterflies

I have cut these strips from the red n yellow paper which i had in my craft stuffs and the outcome is really colorful. Use of yellow and red is always awesome.


I have tried many techniques on to this glass. I have used solvent based glass colors, Used broken glass pieces to make border at the 2 sides of the glass. Used fabric glue to make the green n yellow bushes and also glass etching paste at the round surface on the glass. 3D outliner to make fish eyes. For the background i have used the handmade paper.

Wet stoke painting

I have tried wet stroke painting on fabric, I have 3D outliner to outline the flowers and the leaves

Spray painting on card

The leaf stencil is cut by hand and sprayed sap green color. Sorry the photo is not good.

Thumb painting

Fruits and vegetables

Orange coaster

2 colors mixed


I have tried wet stroke on card. When you try wet stroke on cloth or card use very little colour.

Ethnic jute bag

I have cut the small piece of a old saree border and stuck on the jute bag using fabric glue. And later have stuck some small, big kundans on it.

Marigold flowers

Mehndi Design

Morning glory flowers

Tar work

Red flowers

Stone work on pot

Deer painting

Wet stroke painting on fabric

Paper technique painting on card

Ceramic cone work

Single stroke on fabric

Cracked title

I have used crackle medium on title and done decoupage above it.

Flat brush on card

I have used flat brush ro paint this card.

Double shading on card

This painting is done with round brush and using 2 colors at once. We have to double load the brush first with sap green and dip the tip of the brush into lemon yellow color, then start applying strokes to get these trees.

Birds on pot

This is my first attempt to decorate a pot with ceramic. I have given the wrinkle effect with ceramic paste on the pot and some portion i have left it plain where u can see i have made 2 birds and a tree with m-seal. Click on the photo get a bigger and closer look

Gold paint on tile

Kundan work on jute bag

Materials: Any jute bag, kundans, fabric glue and tweezers
Procedure: Before starting think of a design or roughly put the kundans on the bag and make a design. Once you have thought of the design apply the fabric glue on the jute bag and with the help of the tweezers pick the kundans and apply it on the glue, keep it till the glue is dried.

I got this jute bag from jute cottage and with the fabric glue i stuck the kundans on it.

Stencil work on the card

This is stencil work on card.
Materials Used: Stencil,sponge, crimson red color, golden yellow and sap green color, white card sheet cut in card shape,thin brush.
Procedure: Keep the stencil on the card and with the help of sponge tap the crimson and yellow color on the stencil. After applying the color remove the stencil, and you will get beautiful design on the card. Later with the help of thin brush draw the flowers of crimson red and golden yellow and stems of sap green colors.

Watermelon Coaster

I have made this out of shilpakar m-seal.

Colored Scarper foil

Silk Painting

This is my first silk painting. I have outlined the design using gutta and used silk colors for painting.

Glass painting

I have used the gray colored glass, on that in the i have done glass etching at the center with glass etching paste of hobby ideas and later outlined with the silver 3D outliner. And at the sides with the same 3D outliner drawn some random lines and filled the gaps with solvent based glass paint. Behind the glass i have put aluminum foil and framed the glass.

Small piece

3 Flowers

Orange flowers on cloth

Handmade flowers