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Horse painting

This is a painting on cotton fabric cloth. The colors used are burnt sinnea, vandyke brown,black,white. It is a combination of wet and dry strokes.
While doing any wet stroke painting use very little color and spread it on the cloth.

Colorful butterflies

I have cut these strips from the red n yellow paper which i had in my craft stuffs and the outcome is really colorful. Use of yellow and red is always awesome.


I have tried many techniques on to this glass. I have used solvent based glass colors, Used broken glass pieces to make border at the 2 sides of the glass. Used fabric glue to make the green n yellow bushes and also glass etching paste at the round surface on the glass. 3D outliner to make fish eyes. For the background i have used the handmade paper.

Wet stoke painting

I have tried wet stroke painting on fabric, I have 3D outliner to outline the flowers and the leaves

Spray painting on card

The leaf stencil is cut by hand and sprayed sap green color. Sorry the photo is not good.

Thumb painting

Fruits and vegetables