Kundan necklace

In India you get a variety of kundan jewellery. The kundans can be of any shape, size with or without diamonds, different stones. Kundans are made of gold, copper,silver, imitation kundans.
Here i have used is imitation kundans. I made this set to match one of my saree.

The materials used are 25 - 30 kundans, a pendant and a pair of earrings, chakri mani(flat beads), smaller size beads, red hanging beads, 4 big size beads(also called finishing beads) , beading thread, wire.

Take a thread of half a metre long and starting beading. The bead sequence is the big bead(finishing bead) is beaded only at the first the string, then small bead, flat bead, small bead and last kundan and the sequence is repeated and when you are done add the finishing bead and tie a knot to the pendant. Similarly make another string and tie to the other side of the pendant.
Now make small rings of the wire and add 4-5 red hanging beads and then pass the wire through the hole of the kundan(This kundan has 2 holes) and make tight with the help of pliers. The pendant and ear tops are also made in the similar fashion.


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