Thank you card

This card goes for get more from your patterned paper  challenge at yonnes blog. i have done some stamping on the PP i had n added some glitter.
this was before
and after
Also i received a candy from sharddha.below is the pic is from her blog.
i liked the doily n ribbons n patterned papers and those charms are so cute.. cant wait to make use of them Thanks so much sharddha :)


Priya Sivaraj said…
thats a lovely card!!
yyam said…
Oh! This is lovely! Love how you've prettied up your patterned paper! :)

Thanks for playing along with my guest Dana's challenge! :)
Rachana said…
wow u completely gave a new meaning to the PP...lovely work ...also congrats on the lovely goodies
Dana said…
I love the bold, vivid images you stamped on the PP! Very fun. Thanks for playing along with my technique!
Hey I'm glad you liked my candy :-) have fun !..(the doilies are stuck very close will need to blow on them to separate them)
Tejal said…
Beautiful..card looks so different than the original paper..awesome stamp!

p.s. I left a little award for you on my post it over on your blog!