How to make kundan flowers

This post is on how to make kudan flowers.
The materials required are
Kundans big or small sizes (with 2 holes on either side),wire of sizes 3"- 4" and 5"- 6"(2 wires of each for one kundan), green tape, sisccors.
I am using 5 red kundans for petals and white one in the center.
Twist the wire around the hole as shown below. Use the small wire in one hole and the longer wire in the other hole.

Now twist both the wires together and make sure the wires come on one side as you can in the pic below.
Similarly, do it for the center kundan, but make sure you twist the wires in center.
Arrange the petals around the center kundan and keep twisting the wires together.

Use the green tape to wrap around the wire.
Be careful while twisting the wires, don't hurt your fingers.
Happy crafting!!!


Crafterkhush said…
I had made an arrangement of Kundan flowers during my brother's wedding to decorate a tray and be sent to SIL.. don't know where those poor flowers are now.. :-(
Unknown said…
nice tutorial.
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Spardha said…
wow!.. these are beautiful!.. thanks for sharing! :D
Romina Nahata said…
wow !!thnxx for sharing !!i have a giveaway on my blog,do chk it out !!
Janna Werner said…
gorgeous tutorial, thanks for sharing! need to try that some day :D janna
nanditark said…
you are something much more than simply and easily you make any decoratives....A M A Z I N G ...