ICRvivor 2013

All of us know who a survivor is! And I bet many of us are familiar with the likely named GAME SHOW on TV…. I have come across many such games online too….. So here is the GAME OF SURVIVOR for you, ICRians!

Think you have the game of Survivor all CALCULATED & RESOLVED? Think again!

Can you outsmart, out-stamp, out-embellish and outlast your opponents to survive? If so, get ready to play Survivor India,  ICR ishtyle!

Game Start Date:
Friday February 15, 2012
ENTRY Close:
Thursday February 14, 2012 at exactly 11:59pm Indian Standard Time. No late entries will be accepted so please be sure to have your submission sent on time.
Object of the game:
To have your card avoid elimination and be the last one remaining in the gallery.


Make yourself a card{ONE, OLD OR NEW}, as your official game entry. You can make your card very plain and simple with the hope that, what you put on your card flies under the radar and avoids elimination; OR you can choose to make your card absolutely wild and crazy and over the top with hopes that the crazy items on your card don’t get you eliminated! OR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN!

When your card is completed send it toindiancraftroom@gmail.com and title it ICRvivor2012….

Once the contest has begun, we will release an 'Elimination Statement' each and every morning. If your card contains the item listed in the elimination statement for that day, it is removed from the game and from the collection.
An elimination statement might look something like this: 'If your card contains a redbrad, you are eliminated from play.' So, all entries containing a red brad(s) will be eliminated from the game.

Elimination statements will be released each day until we have just one card remaining in the gallery. The final card is our ICR Survivor and is the winner of the contest‘ICRvivor 2012’ and the prize!

The Rules:
  •  Only ONE entry per player, please.
  •  Please be sure that your entry/photo is as clear as possible (ie. no tiny little photos, no blurry photos).
  •  When sending your entry, be sure to provide an accurate list of all items/colors/techniques/stamp manufacturers used on your card. {If you fail to do this, your entry will be removed}.
  •  There must be minimum 12 entries in the ‘ICRvivor 2012 Collection’,  on the day that the game commences. After all, it is “THE MORE, THE MERRIER”….If there are fewer than 12 cards, the game will be postponed until a later date or until we have the minimum number of entries.

The Prize: to be Announced!

PROCEDURE {To keep things fair} :
  • only standard greeting cards will be accepted into play. No ATCs, or altered items are permitted.
  • Since ICR TEAM would have an access to all the entries, our DT SHALINI, would release the ‘Elimination Statements’ in a dedicated Discussion for the GAME…. And once the statement is released, I would look into the I-CR-vivor collection & post the cards that are OUT OF THE RACE! So do check back IN to see if you & your CARD is a SURVIVOR in the race for ICRvivor 2012!

Game would be played only for its ‘fun quotient’ & is in no way related to ICR Challenges & its Judging Process….Would continue in Seasons, Year after Year!
Since this concept is new to you, I bet there would be queries bouncing off! DO NOT hesitate or shy away from asking..... Just shoot your queries to clarify the info.... We do not want anyone missing out on this as it is gonna be ONE BIG FUN of 2012.....


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