Quilled Nameplate

My first attempt at quillography. Thanks to all the youtube tutorials and blogger friends for sharing all the tips
As many of you might not know my surname is Soni (husband's side)

The font is Edwardian Script ITC(there are many other names of the same font) and font size is 300
took the print out and traced it on the patter paper(Mind's eye Miss Caroline line)
Used 220 gsm paper stripped into 4 mm width. 


Tanvi said…
Its super Bhavana.
Indira Tanwar said…
This is sweet Bhavana! Very neat for your first quillography.
so perfect, I'm doing a name and I find it hard to do, any secrets to making it easy?
ManuK said…
So this is your quillography project! You did an amazing job, I love the colors and the neat execution!

Happy Quillin!