Found the perfect stabilizer/fleece and interfacing combination

After a lot of trials and errors finally found the perfect combination of the stabilizer/fleece and interfacing for making a tote bag. The size of this bag approximately 13 *11 inches.  I used cotton fabric for both outside and inside lining (any quilting cotton fabric will do). For the outer fabric I used fusible fleece Pellon 987F and for the lining I used fusible interfacing SF101. These both together add a lot sturdiness to this size bag  and also it give a professional look and feel to it. But this combination may not work for the bigger size bags


Inside of the bag

Made another one in similar fashion

Happy sewing!!


Ashwini Rao said…
Bhavana, thank you so much for giving those interfacing details - I was trying really hard to search for some myself! So this really helps!!
That's one pretty tote, by the way - I am still an amateur, so I hope to stitch just as good some day! :) Love to see more, when you stitch them! :)
xx Ashwini